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The Guesthouse on the Green Series

Welcome to the Guesthouse on the Green series; stories to laugh, cry and fall a little in love with. The books are centred on, O’Mara’s guesthouse a beautiful old Georgian manor house opposite St Stephen’s Green in Dublin’s fair city. It’s a place where you’ll get to know the mad-cap O’Mara family and meet an array of quirky guests each with their own tale to tell. Happy reading! PS- The series is getting a makeover hence differing covers but that's the only thing that's changed x
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Book 1 :  O'Mara's
omaras cover highres.jpg

A jilted bride to be, a woman with a secret past and a pesky red fox…


Take a break you’ll never forget at O’Mara’s Manor House—the Georgian Guesthouse in the heart of Dublin’s Fair City. It’s cozy and elegant setting is where you’ll fall in love with a cast of characters who’ll stay with you long after you finish the book. Oh, and a full Irish breakfast is included.

If Aisling O’Mara hadn’t winged her way home to the Emerald Isle to take over the running of the family guesthouse she’d never have met Marcus, and her heart wouldn’t have been broken. She’s been trying to put her life back together since he left, but now he’s back and says he’s sorry. Can she trust him again?

Una Brennan’s booked into the guesthouse she used to walk past each morning when she was a girl, full of hopes and dreams for her happy ever after. She left Dublin more than fifty years ago vowing she’d never set foot in the city again. Why did she leave and what’s brought her back?

Meanwhile, the little red fox who raids the bins outside O’Mara’s basement kitchen door at night would like to know why the woman in Room One, cries herself to sleep each night.

Book 2 : Moira Lisa Smile

A girl with a Mona Lisa smile, a woman who wants to confront her demons and that pesky red fox…


Moira O’Mara’s developed an annoyingly enigmatic, Mona Lisa smile of late when it comes to talking about her new man. She’s not ready to share him with her family, not just because they treat her like a baby. Look at the way they go on at her about her drinking? It’s not a problem, she likes a party, who doesn’t? No, he’s her secret, and for now, it has to stay that way, but keeping secrets can be hard and knowing when you’ve gone too far can be even harder.

When Tessa Delaney was a teenager, her family left Dublin behind, emigrating to New Zealand. She was glad to leave behind the bully who tormented her school days. She knows only too well the old saying of sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me isn’t true. She’s booked into the guesthouse determined to confront her teenage years and erase those words for good.

Meanwhile, the little red fox who raids the bins outside O’Mara’s basement kitchen door at night is waiting, ready to pounce when Mrs Flaherty tosses out a nice sausage or sliver of white pudding.

moira lisa cover hires.jpg
Moira Lisa Smile
Book 3 : What Goes On Tour
whatgoesontour hires.jpg

Moira and Maureen O’Mara aren’t on your usual mother, daughter trip. You won’t spot them browsing the shops on Grafton Street followed by a spot of a lunch in Dublin’s iconic Bewleys. Oh no, Moira and her mammy have just arrived in Vietnam.

It’s Maureen’s dream to sail on a Junk (who knew?) and as for Moira, well she’s come along for the ride under duress—Mammy made her. Join them as they travel the hop on-hop off bus from Hoi Chi Min to Hanoi.

Along the way Mammy and Moira get to know Sally-Ann. She’s an Australian who has very different reasons for being in Vietnam. She and her late husband served there during the war and his dying wish has brought her back to a country she vowed she’d never return to.

By the time the bus pulls into Hanoi’s Giap Bat bus station, Sally-Ann learns you don’t need blood ties to be family and Moira and Mammy will see each other through different eyes.

Join Mammy and Moira O’Mara on their journey of self-discovery.

What Goes On Tour
Book 4 :Rosi's Regrets

Roisin O’Mara regrets a lot of things. She regrets having just snaffled the out of date Jacobs Club bar she found down the back of the cupboard, and the cheese she ate before bed the night before—it gave her the strangest dreams. Mammy always told her not to eat cheese before bed. She should have listened. Just like she should have when Mammy asked her if she was sure doing the right thing getting married, because that’s her biggest regret of all.

When Roisin discovers a secret her husband’s been keeping from her, she and their five year old son, Noah leave Dublin and head for her old home in Dublin, O’Mara’s Guesthouse on the Green.

Reggie Nolan has regrets too. To say he’s sorry, isn’t in his vocabulary but time is running out. He’s come to stay at O’Mara’s to try and find the strength to put things right with the person he loves most in the world.

With a little sisterly love and some advice from Mammy will Roisin be able to move forward? And can Reggie make amends for what he did thirty years ago, before it’s too late?

Come and stay at O’Mara’s

rosis regrets hires.jpg
Book 5 : Christmas at O'Mara's
christmas omaras hires.jpg

Two Christmases, two second chances. A heart-warming O’Mara family Christmas story.


Roisin O’Mara has already suffered through a pre-Christmas, Christmas in London with her insufferable soon to be ex-mother-in-law and husband. Now with her son, Noah, and an unexpected extra guest in tow she’s arrived in Dublin for her second Christmas. It’s not just her family Roisin’s looking forward to seeing though. She hasn’t been able to stop thinking about Shay, the man she met on her last visit home.

But the timing was wrong. It still is and she’s not sure he’s someone she should let get close. Everybody deserves a second chance at love though, or so her mammy says, but will Roisin miss out on hers?

Cliona Whelan was a woman born before her time. She put her career before love in the days when a woman couldn’t have both and success came at a cost. Then, a Christmas card arrives offering her a second chance, but is it too late?

This year come and spend Christmas with the O’Maras. There’ll be laughter, and tears, a roaring fire to curl up in front of, mulled wine and cake, lots of cake.

Book 6 : A Wedding at O'Mara's

If you love Maeve Binchy, you’ll love this series.’ Reader Review

An Irish guesthouse, three sisters and their bossy boots mammy in this laugh out loud series about the trials and tribulations of the O’Mara family…

Mammy O’Mara would cordially like to invite you to the wedding of…well now that would be telling.

The date’s set for the wedding of the year, Valentine’s Day no less but with less than eight weeks to pull off her dream day will this anxious bridezilla make it down the aisle? Her increasing stress levels aren’t being helped either by Mammy who’s in charge of the guest list. This along with the seating arrangements are proving tricky thanks to an old family feud. Wedding’s are all about family though and so is it time to let bygones be bygones? Or, do some wounds run too deep?

Join in with all the fun, laughter and angst of an O’Mara family wedding! But first there’s the hen night to get through…

Witty, sad and insightful with a touch of romance. Come and stay at O’Mara’s.

Wedding Omaras hires.jpg
A Wedding at O'Mara's
Book 7 : Maureen's Song
maureens song hires.jpg

‘If you love Maeve Binchy, you’ll love this series.’ Reader Review

An Irish guesthouse, three sisters and their bossy boots mammy in this laugh out loud series about the trials and tribulations of the O’Mara family…

Mammy or Maureen O’Mara’s had a lot of changes these last few years. She lost her beloved husband, Brian, had a fresh start by the seaside away from the family guesthouse and took up numerous new hobbies, the most recent being line dancing. She’s ready to make one more big change too because she’s met a man. Not just any man either. A man who makes her smile has her humming country music tunes and tapping her toes to the beat. He’s also someone who understands the pain of losing a spouse.

Maureen would like to keep things as they are but he’s making noises about introducing her to his family and she can’t put him off forever. He wants to meet her girls too but what happens when your children have their late parent on a pedestal? And what will her girls have to say when they find out about their mammy’s new manfriend’s interesting erm, hobby?

Witty, sad and insightful with a touch of romance. Come and stay at O’Mara’s.

Maureen's Song
Book 8 : The O'Mara's in LaLa Land

Ten days seeing the sights in Los Angeles. What could possibly go wrong?

The O’Maras are living it up in the sunshine at Mammy’s brother-in-law, Cormac’s mansion smack bang in the middle of Bel Air. They’ve come to spend time with him and Patrick, the eldest son in the family along with his girlfriend Cindy. They hadn’t planned on there being roller skates at Venice Beach or, a rogue chipmunk at Disneyland. Neither had they envisaged a close encounter with a peeping Tom but for this family things never go quite to plan.

As for Cormac, it’s the first-time family have been to visit him in his adopted country since he left Dublin abruptly fifty years ago. He’s carved a name for himself in the world of fashion but beneath it all lurks a sad tale and it’s time for him to share it with his family.

Join the O’Maras on a holiday to remember!

Witty, sad and insightful with a touch of romance.


Come and stay at O’Mara’s

lala land hires (1).jpg
LaLa Land
Book 9 : Due in March
Due In March hires.jpg

There’s some unexpected news at O’Mara’s…

One of the O’Mara girls is expecting, but who?

When Mammy learns inadvertently that her daughter’s pregnant she immediately calls a family conference with disastrous results. At a time when the sisters need each other the most they’re at loggerheads and for one of them, her future as a single mammy is terrifying.

One of them has to wave the white knickers erm, flag but the O’Mara women are a stubborn lot.

Meanwhile, O’Mara’s receptionist, Bronagh is wondering why her beau, Leonard is reluctant to introduce her to his sister Joan. Her curiosity gets the better of her and she decides to take matters, along with cake, into her own hands. When she meets Joan, Leonard’s reticence where his sister is concerned becomes clear but Bronagh’s not one to back away from a challenge.

Witty, sad, and insightful this is a story about what it means to be a family.

Due in March
Book 10: A Baby at O'Mara's

Moira O’Mara. The girl who was as flighty as the swallows migrating to Ireland’s shores each spring has finally settled down. She’s a new mammy with a loving partner in Tom, but Moira’s never been more uncertain in her life about whether she’s up for the job.

How can the girl who once thought she knew it all suddenly feel like she knows nothing?

Nina juggles waiting tables at a Dublin restaurant with working evening shifts at the guesthouse. She yearns for her Spanish home and can’t tell anyone the real reason why.

What brought her to Dublin and what or who did she leave behind in Spain?

Nina and Moira are both struggling but sometimes the strength you need to get you through can be found in unexpected places.

baby omaras cover hires.jpg
A Baby at O'Mara's
Book 11: The Housewarming
The Housewarming hires.jpg

Aisling O'Mara. She's married to a Ronan Keating look-a-like, and okay, he can't sing to save himself, but he does think the world of her. Her life would be perfect if it weren't for the fact Mother Nature hasn't seen fit to bestow a child upon them yet. The tick-tock of her biological clock is getting louder, and she's determined to make it happen. But at what cost?

Ita Finnegan. O'Mara's Director of Housekeeping, wants to be happy. She's decided the key to finding happiness is to find love, and she's hatched a plan to meet her perfect match. But how can she expect someone else to love her when she doesn't like herself very much?

Meanwhile, Mammy O'Mara is planning a quiet soiree with neighbours and family to introduce herself and Donal to the neighbourhood, but, somehow, it's morphed into the Howth House party of the year. 

Oh, and you're invited!

Book 12: Rainbows over O'Mara's

Aisling and Quinn O'Mara-Moran. Their prayers have been answered, and Aisling's in the family way, but she hadn't banked on her first trimester being so hard. As she tries to juggle running the guesthouse with morning sickness, O'Mara's new night receptionist, Freya, proves herself to be indispensable. But nobody's indispensable, are they?
Freya Lynch. Her mam, Emer, is the bad egg in the O'Mara family. But, Aisling's given her a chance, and Freya's determined to prove she's not like her mother, even if it means stepping on her co-worker's toes. So will she prove the apple doesn't fall far from the tree?
As the months' progress, Aisling's long dreamt of pregnancy proves not to be smooth sailing and the seas are about to get rougher because Mammy's announced she's moving in to look after her! 

rainbow over omaras hires border.jpg
Book 13: An O'Mara's Reunion
OMaras Reunion hires.jpg

It's short notice, but you're invited to an O'Mara family reunion. Don't be worrying, though, because Mammy has the road trip to the village of Claredoncally planned down to the last toilet stop.

Roisin: Her ex-husband has dropped a bombshell, and she's at a crossroads in her relationship with Shay. She's hoping this weekend will help her make some big decisions.

Glen O'Mara: He left Ireland with his father as a young boy, never to return. Until now. He's shied away from unhappy childhood memories, but there were good times too, and it's these he wants to share with his American partner, Suzie, by attending the reunion.

When an uninvited guest arrives at the party, Glen's forced to confront why he and his father left Ireland all those years ago and just like Roisin, he finds himself at a crossroads.

Will Glen and Roisin take the right path, or will they leave Claredoncally heartbroken?

Join in with all the fun, laughter and angst of an O'Mara family reunion! And, if Uncle Bartley offers you a piece of cheese, do NOT accept it.

Book 14: The O'Maras Go Greek

If you've ever fancied visiting Santorini in the Greek Islands, now is your chance because Patrick O'Mara is about to wed Cindy. She might be the woman of Patrick's dreams, but the wedding destination is not the stuff of Mammy O'Mara's dreams. What's wrong with a church wedding in Ireland? She can't be doing with all this barefoot on the beach nonsense. Still and all, it's an excuse for a family holiday, and she is all about family.
You're family too, so what are you waiting for? Pack your bags. We've got a wedding to go to!

omaras go greek hires.jpg
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