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Book 2 : Moira Lisa Smile

A girl with a Mona Lisa smile, a woman who wants to confront her demons and that pesky red fox…


Moira O’Mara’s developed an annoyingly enigmatic, Mona Lisa smile of late when it comes to talking about her new man. She’s not ready to share him with her family, not just because they treat her like a baby. Look at the way they go on at her about her drinking? It’s not a problem, she likes a party, who doesn’t? No, he’s her secret, and for now, it has to stay that way, but keeping secrets can be hard and knowing when you’ve gone too far can be even harder.

When Tessa Delaney was a teenager, her family left Dublin behind, emigrating to New Zealand. She was glad to leave behind the bully who tormented her school days. She knows only too well the old saying of sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me isn’t true. She’s booked into the guesthouse determined to confront her teenage years and erase those words for good.

Meanwhile, the little red fox who raids the bins outside O’Mara’s basement kitchen door at night is waiting, ready to pounce when Mrs Flaherty tosses out a nice sausage or sliver of white pudding.