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New Beginnings in the Little Irish Village

Welcome to the little Irish village of Emerald Bay where the sun is shining, the locals are gossiping, and romance is in the air. But will returning home be the fresh start Imogen Kelly needs?

Thirty-two-year-old Imogen Kelly is meant to be living her best life in Dublin but the bright lights of the city aren’t making her truly happy. So she leaps at the chance to take on an interior design job at the big country manor at the edge of Emerald Bay. It also gives Imogen an excuse to return to the place where she spent an unforgettable summer with her first love, Lachlan Leslie, the heir to Benmore House.

Imogen’s heart is full of hope at the thought of seeing her childhood sweetheart but on the way there she nearly has an accident on the winding, muddy country road. She arrives at Benmore House late and flustered, only to discover the builder working with her on the renovation project is none other than Ryan O’Malley – the class prankster who was forever pinging her bra strap at school.

Within seconds it’s clear he’s still a cheeky charmer, even if he’s transformed into a gorgeous guy who unexpectedly sets her pulse racing. Forced into close proximity with relentlessly cheerful Ryan, who’s forever (badly) singing rock ballads at the top of his voice, Imogen at first finds him an annoying distraction.

With St Patrick’s Day celebrations in full swing, Imogen has her work cut out to keep the job on track. Spending more time with Ryan, she discovers that, behind his warm smile and generous ways, he’s nursing heartache. But when she finally sees blue-eyed Lachlan again,Imogen has to face up to the truth about the secret summer romance they shared.

Will she leave Emerald Bay broken-hearted? Or will Imogen realise that home really is where the heart is?

The O'Maras Go Greek

Welcome to the guesthouse on the Green, where Mammy and her girls will make you feel part of the family. Settle in and enjoy your stay at O'Mara's, where stories abound, romance lurks and laughter sounds.

If you've ever fancied visiting Santorini in the Greek Islands, now is your chance because Patrick O'Mara is about to wed Cindy. She might be the woman of Patrick's dreams, but the wedding destination is not the stuff of Mammy O'Mara's dreams. What's wrong with a church wedding in Ireland? She can't be doing with all this barefoot on the beach nonsense. Still and all, it's an excuse for a family holiday, and she is all about family.
You're family too, so what are you waiting for? Pack your bags. We've got a wedding to go to!

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