• Michelle Vernal

A Bit of Boob

I caught the start of a TV show the other night on medical tourism in Thailand. A young woman, not even 20 years old was going on about how she hoped her boob job might mean she managed to keep a boyfriend in the future. I turned the telly off. It was sad and seems kind of wrong when I think of the women I know who are, or who have battled breast cancer to think a pair of bigger boobs will improve your life.  I say this as the owner of a range of bras from 12C through to 14D boulder holder bras. My bra size depends on whether I am going through a ‘lean mean’ (mean because I am permanently hungry) or a ‘there’s more of me to love now’ (but I’m still mean because I’m annoyed I can’t fit my fave black pants) phase. I wrote a scene in Second Hand Jane where Jess is on the bus with a pervy driver who finds every pot-hole in the road when he notices in the mirror that she isn’t wearing a bra. Like a lot of the scenes I write they are based loosely on real-life events. The only time I’ve stopped traffic was as an eighteen-year-old when, late for the bus, I ran across a busy downtown intersection braless. The reason I was hanging free was that I wanted to wear an off the shoulder top, and previous experience had taught that strapless bras just wind up around my middle after half an hour. Anyway, I just about knocked myself out before I reached the safety of the pavement and these days strap myself in before leaving the house. So think on girls not only does surgery come with a risk but big boobs can be dangerous for your health too.

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