• Michelle Vernal

How the feck do you say that?

Hello! One day until What goes on Tour, the latest installment in the Guesthouse on the Green series is released. With that in mind I thought now would be a good time to walk you through some name pronunciation for the characters in the stories. As a Kiwi girl abroad I got caught by many of the Irish names such as Piaras—I pronounced it Pie arse when in fact it is said as Pierce. Another good one was Niamh, my version Ni am ha, the actual way it’s said is Neave. So, here we go:

Book characters with tongue twisters:

Aisling = Ash leen

Moira = Maura

Roisin = Ro sheen

Bronagh = Bro nah

Saoirse = Sor cha

Una = Oo na

Ruiraidh = Rew erry

In Sisterly Love we have:

Derbhilla = Derv la

Grainne – Groyn ya

If you’ve come across any other tongue twisters let me know!

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