• Michelle Vernal

My First Selfie

Yesterday I got a new phone. It was very exciting sitting in Two Degrees nodding as though I understood a word the young lady was saying to me. I signed my life away, and my outdated Samsung and pre-pay became a thing of the past. I left the shop with my stylish accessory stowed in my bag and tried to look straight ahead as I headed down the escalators. I was under strict instructions not to set foot in any retail outlets as we are going on a big holiday soon which was why my phone had just been upgraded for one with a decent camera. I have to say it was hard, damned hard to walk past Jeans West; my eyes strayed inadvertently over to the window display where I spotted a gorgeous outfit. Somehow I managed to keep putting one foot in front of the other in the direction of the Exit and the safety of my car. Upon arriving home, I unboxed everything and proceeded to play around with the phone. I mastered the camera but not without incident. I took my first ever selfie which I didn’t realise I was taking hence if it were posted on FB the caption would read, ‘Bewildered Woman with lots of Chin Takes First Ever Selfie.' Once I got over the trauma, I moved onto my contacts. I wasn’t connected, and so I began to fiddle. It is amazing how exhaustive figuring out technology can be and what a time waster to boot. Paul came home from work, and I was still at it, snapping at him that yes I’d done everything Miss Two Degrees had told me to do. In the end, I rang the company and with a whiny almost tearful tone in my voice explained I could only make emergency calls, and couldn’t send or receive texts. The very patient chap began counselling me, and eventually, together we pin-pointed the problem. My sim card wasn’t in properly. So, it is official I am a technophobe.

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