• Michelle Vernal

One Woman's Treasure

You can’t beat the thrill of a bargain. It’s one of the reasons I love op-shopping because to my way of thinking it’s justifiable and guilt free shopping. I can afford to be frivolous when talking about blowing less than the cost of a cup of coffee on an item of clothing that I don’t need but just happen to want. Shopping releases mood-lifting endorphins which would explain why my happiness levels went into overdrive after a visit to Oxford’s Budget Boutique recently. I needed well wanted a jacket and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw exactly what I was looking for nestled on the rack near the books and puzzles. A glance at its label revealed it was a good one, but surely it would be too much to ask for it to be my size? Apparently not and a euphoric moment akin to finishing a marathon ensued, it was meant to be.

Later heading out with my husband, I shrugged into the jacket. “Do you like it?” I asked. We are off on holiday soon, and new clothes are not on the necessary expenditure list hence his shifty expression. “I got it from Budget Boutique up the road, for two dollars.” I know him well and knew what was coming. “It looks great.” He replied as predicted. Of course, he wasn’t to know that the top underneath the jacket was a recent purchase from Marmalades. Occasionally, though, op-shopping when living in a small town can backfire. Take for instance the time I was snuggled into a merino top, and my friend looked at me strangely. “I had a top just like that, but it didn’t fit anymore, so I dropped it into the Budget Boutique,” she said. Ah yes, one woman’s junk is indeed another woman’s treasure.

Published in the August 2016 issue of the Oxford Observer

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