• Michelle Vernal

Seen Better Days

I had grand plans of blogging my way around the States, Mexico, and Cuba on our recent family adventure. Um, I posted one entry and the excuse behind that tardy effort is that I didn’t take my laptop with me. It took forever to one finger type that post on my son’s iPad, so that was that. We’re home now and settled back into our normal routines which includes me squinting into the mirror to do my makeup of a morning. I’m of an age where I need to wear reading glasses and would benefit from using them when applying war-paint but obviously, can’t for the application of eye makeup. I’m certain one of these days I’ll head out the front door with four eyebrows, looking like one of those unfortunates who’ve missed their mouth with their lipstick and gone too heavy on the rouge. The thought brings back memories.

Many moons ago when I worked in pharmacy, I was sent on a cosmetic course. We had to take turns making each other up with the company’s products. The girl who got me decided my mouth was too big, this was in the days before people paid to have full lips and so she drew a line half way around my lips. Result… four lips. I had to walk up Auckland’s busy Queen Street rocking this look, and it wasn’t good. I don’t want it to happen again.

So, what about one of those magnifying mirrors that angle out from the wall? Well, I peered into one of them in a hotel bathroom on our travels. Result…found myself muttering, “not by the hair of my chinny, chin, chin.”

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