• Michelle Vernal

The Brady Bunch Hit the USA

Well, we are about four days into our last big adventure before Josh starts high school next year, after that it wouldn't be fair to take him out of school for any great length of time. Our first stop, Disneyland Anaheim did not disappoint. It's a place one can't help but smile while wandering. Palm trees line wide boulevards, and the air is festive and balmy. California Adventure Land was the winner but the whole resort was a ginormous wonderland especially once we got the hang of the Fast Pass. I felt like we were the Kardashian branch of the Vernals bypassing the minions queuing as we waved our magic passes. Mind you I got payback waiting for an hour to get on the Cars ride, it was worth it though.

Daniel was smitten with the Best Western buffet breakfast and it's now the first thing he looks for when checking in. A full on day at the parks was followed by dinner at CoCo's where the service was amazing. I tell you the Kiwis could learn a thing or two about polite service. As much of a pain as tipping is, it has its benefits.

After dinner the kids played in the hotel pool while we soaked in the hot tub. There we'd wallow watching the firework display that signalled the parks were closing for the night. We were like prunes by the time a very big family from Utah joined us in the tub....time to get out!

It was the Brady Bunch branch of the Vernals that trudged with their backpacks on to the car hire place on Anaheim 's Katella Ave, and with only one wrong freeway exit got on the road to Vegas. I realised I watch too much crime tv as we passed the Green River exit and I instantly thought of the Green River killer. Then as we passed through the arid browns of the Mojabe Desert under its cloudless pale blue sky I kept wondering how many bodies the Vegas mob had buried out there. And then we rolled into Vegas but that's a blog for another day.

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