• Michelle Vernal


Got boys out the door and in the car for 7.30am, dropped youngest at friend’s house as she was dropping him at school. Followed by one hour, ten minute trip to Christchurch Boys High in the city due to heavy traffic with oldest son to speak to Form Teacher about his device not connecting. Chat took five minutes but son happy and on the forty-five-minute drive home vow to lose 2kg currently hanging over the waistband of jeans. Nearly home, and begin thinking about lunch. Get home do some jobs then arrange to meet friends for coffee tomorrow to chat over a manic week that’s been, already tossing up whether to cheese scone or not to cheese scone. A spot of social networking - this is actually in my book contract btw. Writing. 11 am meeting with people, who live in a gorgeous wee cottage on Main Street in Oxford. Can’t wait to nose inside, not being nosy for the sake of it, it's a home and garden story in Essence. LUNCH TIME! Writing until 2pm, walk with friend, before picking youngest son up for half hour round trip home. Thinking about meeting up with Trudi Styler, and her Yoga teacher, Sting won’t be there, for twenty minute session but not as lithe as her so may well flag it. Sort garden out for an hour and vow to have no crackers and cheese

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