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The Cooking School on the Bay, Staying at Eleni's & Second Hand Jane: Heartwarming women's fiction to make you smile

Second Hand Jane
When Jess encounters a Northern Irish pig farmer and a suave Dublin wheeler and dealer, life gets complicated.
All would be good in Jess’s world if it weren’t for her meddling mum, who views her daughter’s life as a newspaper columnist in Dublin a mere stop-gap until Mr Right happens along. She thinks he might just have turned up when her daughter meets the delectable Nick. Then, an idea for her column takes Jess away from Nick to Ireland’s north where she tries to unravel the long-buried story of a surly farmer with a tragic past. With help from a little pig, Jess is about to lay the ghosts of his family to rest and learn that first impressions aren’t always what they seem.

As her love life becomes increasingly tangled, Jess’s mum decides it’s time she sorted things out and suddenly Jess’s happy ending looks as likely as Wilbur flying.

Staying at Eleni’s
Escape to the beach with an endearing cast of characters in a story to make you smile that’s all about fresh starts and finding your way in life.
Sometimes life doesn’t go to plan. Take Annie’s for instance. Her fiancé won’t commit to setting a date and the zipper of her dream dress won’t quite do up. Her cat’s just died and her best friend, Carl thinks getting married will be the biggest mistake of her life. Annie’s had enough and when her Greek pen pal invites her to come and stay at the family guesthouse on the island of Crete, she wings her way over.

Under Crete’s brilliant blue skies Annie’s about to discover that sometimes you have to let go of the future you thought you had mapped out and let your life make a map all of its own.


The Cooking School on the Bay
A story to make you giggle about a not so perfect life and the complicated relationship between sisters 
Rebecca Loughton’s bumbled her way through her thirty-something years making a few cock-ups along the way. Of course, these wouldn’t be so obvious if it wasn’t for her golden haired, older sister Jennifer.

In a bid to escape Jennifer’s lengthy shadow and to find her happy ever after Rebecca, high-tails it out of her hometown of Christchurch to the other side of the world landing a legal secretary job in the buzzing city of Dublin. A few drinks later, all she has to show for her new life is an embarrassing one-night stand and a dollop of flirtatious banter with her boss Ciaran, who just happens to have a predatory receptionist in hot pursuit of him.

Amidst plans of preventing such a merger, Rebecca receives news that Jennifer’s picture perfect life has a big, fat crack down the middle of it in the form of a philandering husband. Summoned home to look after her sister’s children and cooking school while she works on her marriage, Rebecca finds the reality of looking after two young children along with the bizarre array of guests booked into the cooking school grim. The only bright spot on her horizon are Ciaran’s e-mails but then she meets David Seagar whom she thinks might just be the ending to her happy ever after but will he prove to be far from perfect too?

The Guesthouse on the Green Series Box Set, O'Mara's, Moira Lisa Smile, What Goes on Tour, Rosi's Regrets: An Irish family series to make you smile 


A jilted bride to be, a woman with a secret past and a pesky red fox…

If Aisling O’Mara hadn’t winged her way home to the Emerald Isle to take over the running of the family guesthouse she’d never have met Marcus, and her heart wouldn’t have been broken. She’s been trying to put her life back together since he left, but now he’s back and says he’s sorry. Can she trust him again?


Moira Lisa Smile

A girl with a Mona Lisa smile, a woman who wants to confront her demons and that pesky red fox…

Moira O’Mara’s developed an annoyingly enigmatic, Mona Lisa smile of late when it comes to talking about her new man. She’s not ready to share him with her family, not just because they treat her like a baby. Look at the way they go on at her about her drinking? It’s not a problem, she likes a party, who doesn’t? No, he’s her secret, and for now, it has to stay that way, but keeping secrets can be hard and knowing when you’ve gone too far can be even harder.


What Goes on Tour

Join Moira and Mammy on their journey of self-discovery…

Moira and Maureen O’Mara aren’t on your usual mother, daughter trip. You won’t spot them browsing the shops on Grafton Street followed by a spot of a lunch in Dublin’s iconic Bewleys. Oh no, Moira and her mammy have just arrived in Vietnam.


Rosi’s Regret

Rosi’s husband’s been keeping a secret from her…

Roisin O’Mara regrets a lot of things. She regrets having just snaffled the out of date Jacobs Club bar she found down the back of the cupboard, and the cheese she ate before bed the night before—it gave her the strangest dreams. Mammy always told her not to eat cheese before bed. She should have listened. Just like she should have when Mammy asked her if she was sure doing the right thing getting married, because that’s her biggest regret of all.

The Guesthouse on the Green Series Box Set, O'Mara's, Moira Lisa Smile, What Goes on Tour, Rosi's Regrets: An Irish family series to make you smile 

Christmas at O'Mara's
Two Christmases, two second chances. A heart-warming O’Mara family Christmas story.
Roisin O’Mara has already suffered through a pre-Christmas, Christmas in London with her insufferable soon to be ex-mother-in-law and husband. Now with her son, Noah, and an unexpected extra guest in tow she’s arrived in Dublin for her second Christmas. It’s not just her family Roisin’s looking forward to seeing though. She hasn’t been able to stop thinking about Shay, the man she met on her last visit home.

But the timing was wrong. It still is and she’s not sure he’s someone she should let get close. Everybody deserves a second chance at love though, or so her mammy says, but will Roisin miss out on hers?

Cliona Whelan was a woman born before her time. She put her career before love in the days when a woman couldn’t have both and success came at a cost. Then, a Christmas card arrives offering her a second chance, but is it too late?



A Wedding at O'Mara's
Mammy O’Mara would cordially like to invite you to the wedding of…well now that would be telling.
The date’s set for the wedding of the year, Valentine’s Day no less but with less than eight weeks to pull off her dream day will this anxious bridezilla make it down the aisle? Her increasing stress levels aren’t being helped either by Mammy who’s in charge of the guest list. This along with the seating arrangements are proving tricky thanks to an old family feud. Wedding’s are all about family though and so is it time to let bygones be bygones? Or, do some wounds run too deep?

Join in with all the fun, laughter and angst of an O’Mara family wedding! But first there’s the hen night to get through…



Maureen's Song
Mammy or Maureen O’Mara’s had a lot of changes these last few years. She lost her beloved husband, Brian, had a fresh start by the seaside away from the family guesthouse and took up numerous new hobbies, the most recent being line dancing. She’s ready to make one more big change too because she’s met a man. Not just any man either. A man who makes her smile has her humming country music tunes and tapping her toes to the beat. He’s also someone who understands the pain of losing a spouse.

Maureen would like to keep things as they are but he’s making noises about introducing her to his family and she can’t put him off forever. He wants to meet her girls too but what happens when your children have their late parent on a pedestal? And what will her girls have to say when they find out about their mammy’s new manfriend’s interesting erm, hobby?



The O'Mara's in LaLa Land
Ten days seeing the sights in Los Angeles. What could possibly go wrong?
The O’Maras are living it up in the sunshine at Mammy’s brother-in-law, Cormac’s mansion smack bang in the middle of Bel Air. They’ve come to spend time with him and Patrick, the eldest son in the family along with his girlfriend Cindy. They hadn’t planned on there being roller skates at Venice Beach or, a rogue chipmunk at Disneyland. Neither had they envisaged a close encounter with a peeping Tom but for this family things never go quite to plan.

As for Cormac, it’s the first-time family have been to visit him in his adopted country since he left Dublin abruptly fifty years ago. He’s carved a name for himself in the world of fashion but beneath it all lurks a sad tale and it’s time for him to share it with his family.


Join the O’Maras on a holiday to remember.

The Promise & The Letter: Two standalone fiction titles featuring one unique character.

The Promise

1944 The Isle of Wight - Sixteen-year-old Constance’s life on the island is sheltered until the death of her brother, brings the reality of war crashing down around her. He leaves behind his pregnant widow, Ginny. When Constance meets a handsome Canadian airforce man, she’s eager to escape her grief and be swept up by first love. It’s a love which has ramifications she could never envisage.

Present Day - When young British backpacker, Isabel Stark happens across a car accident on a lonely stretch of road in the South Island of New Zealand her life changes forever. The sole passenger, Ginny Havelock asks her to make a promise before she passes away - to find Constance and to say she’s sorry.

Isabel, a lost soul, is haunted by her promise on her return to the United Kingdom and the only clue as to finding Constance lies within a conversation held at Ginny’s funeral. It leads her to Isle of Wight.

When Isabel and Constance’s paths finally cross will Ginny’s last words be enough for Constance to make peace with her past? And in fulfilling her promise will Isabel find a place to call home?

The Letter

Veronica and Gabe met when they were children at a ballet class and by the time they’d reached their teens they knew they’d be dancing together forever. Only Gabe’s mother had other ideas…

Twenty something years later Veronica no longer dances and life hasn't turned out how she thought it would. She’s a divorced woman in her forties. She’s got a needy ex-husband, teenage sons, a sister who fancies herself as a long in the tooth ‘it girl’ and a mother who’s recently moved into a care home. She’s tying herself in knots trying to be everything to everyone.

Veronica also has a secret.

Isabel was a lost soul until she moved to the Isle of Wight and found a place to call home, but there's still a part of her that's missing. She knows she must reach out and find the missing piece if she's to feel whole.

When Veronica receives a letter she never thought she'd get her past collides with her present. The time's come to share her secret with her family, but she's not the only one who's been keeping a secret...