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Matchmaking at O'Mara's

In the heart of Dublin, at the iconic O'Mara's guesthouse overlooking St Stephen's Green, Bronagh Hanrahan has been presiding over reception for what seems like forever. Her romance with Leonard Walsh, once a guest himself, blossomed thanks to a gentle matchmaking nudge from the guesthouse’s manager, Aisling O’Mara. Their romance has gone from strength to strength, but lately, a formidable obstacle has emerged – the Irish Sea.
Leonard, hailing from Liverpool, crosses the water regularly to be with Bronagh, and she’s had enough of saying hello and goodbye. Caring for her elderly mother means Bronagh can’t uproot her life in Dublin. Yet, Leonard has ties in Dublin with his sister Joan, who, like Bronagh, yearns for him to return to his roots and can’t under his reluctance to do so.
Aisling decides to play Cupid again and steer the couple toward a more permanent arrangement when Leonard is back to attend an O’Mara family christening as Bronagh’s guest. Little does Aisling know that Leonard harbours a secret in Liverpool. A secret that could change everything between him and Bronagh.


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